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Tap into the customer’s needs – bring inclusion diversity spend solutions to the table…quality products, competitive pricing, superior service and a small business spend solution - a trifecta WIN/WIN/WIN solution.

Progressive Industries, Inc. supplier diversity supply chain management services can save your company time and money - by managing the supply chain process for your supply chain purchases at multiple locations, with multiple vendors.

Our Certifications
Woman Owned Small Business
Historically Under-Utilized Business Zone
Disadvantaged Bus. Enterprise
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Consolidation of branch locations for ordering, tracking and payments.  PII's CMS team handles it all, as a qualified WOSB/HUBZone/WBE/DBE vendor.

No more searching through piles of bills.  We provide a detailed summary of all charges by vendor, certification, dollar spend/location.

CMS processes all orders, fields problem phone calls, tracks POD’s and pays your field or branch location invoices - and tracks your diversity spend.

Diversity programs provide a better customer experience, while contributing toward economic growth in diverse communities throughout the United States.

How Does it Work?

Our team will save you time and money by managing all ordering & billing processes:

  • Provide a single source for customer service, follow up and invoicing
  • Return POD’s to your order location for confirmation of delivery and/or pick ups
  • Timely payment of all invoices on your behalf
  • Reconcile all billing discrepancies
  • Obtain from carriers all applicable overcharges
  • Identify, eliminate and prevent future overcharges through monthly billing analysis
  • Process orders in a prompt fashion

You’ll Receive Our Monthly Billing Summary

  • Summarized “Management Overview” document
  • Monthly single page report for all expenses
  • Customized ordering and invoice data according to your accounting requirements
  • Copies of POD’s, credits, orders or invoices of past orders, as requested

PII's CMS team - will assist you:

  • Tactical Strategic Supply Chain Diversity Inclusion Policies
  • Centralized Purchasing - Paperless, online
  • Centralized Supplier Diversity Reporting
  • Order Tracking & Management
  • POD Cross Reference with invoice
  • Consolidated Invoicing
  • Monthly Diversity Spend Reports
  • Dedicated Customer Service Team
  • EFT Payments
  • Integrate on-site and off-site location purchasing


  • Accurate reports reflect diversity spend, additions and deletions of vendors, purchase pricing, escalations or reductions
  • Monthly billing reviews verify ongoing accuracy

Enhance Relationships

  • You define acceptable levels of service and outline remedies for non-compliance
  • We act as the first point of contact for troubleshooting in the event that provider responses fall below acceptable levels
  • Your vendors are more responsive because of our accuracy and tenacity

Ensure Competitive Pricing

  • Monitor price accuracy, credits and/or changes for services on an ongoing basis

Create and Maintain a Continuous Spreadsheet of Services for Individual Locations

  • Reconcile features and configurations with provider records and client needs
  • Deliver updated spreadsheets to client, as needed
  • Identify most effective sources for service providers, and centralize the process
Getting Started is Simple Start by sending us your ordering schedule, along with your PO’s and invoices. CMS will bill you daily, weekly or monthly depending on which program you choose.

We will process your PO’s, obtain POD’s, review carrier invoices, scrutinize them for accuracy, correct mistakes, eliminate overcharges, consolidate invoicing to your individual locations and then pay the factory on time each month. And best of all, we'll do your supplier diversity tracking
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Some of the industries we serve include:

  • Industrial, Manufacturing
  • Trucking, Automotive
  • Aerospace, Nuclear Research
  • Education Facilities, Hospitals
  • Municipalities, Institutions
  • Food Service, Agriculture, Aviation, Rail, Mass Transit

The U.S. marketplace is stronger because it values the creation of opportunity for M/WBE HUBZone businesses. Organizations should set the goal of practicing diverse business for the sake of your business, your partners and your customers.