Tp-Link® - Surveillance - TP-Link - Security Cameras - ® - Kasa Smart 2 Megapixel Hd Network Camera - 6.69in. x 3.94in. x 6.69in.

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Description: Tp-Link® - Surveillance - TP-Link - Security Cameras - ® - Kasa Smart 2 Megapixel Hd Network Camera - 6.69in. x 3.94in. x 6.69in.
Specifications: • 1 pack
• 30 ft
• H.264
• 1920 x 1080 fixed lens
• Google assistant
• Alexa supported
6.69in. x 3.94in. x 6.69in.
Features: • 24/7 Live View- Keep an eye on whats important to you real-time from anywhere with the Kasa Smart app
• Even stream live video to any Alexa or Google Assistant supported display, like a Fire TV, Echo Show or Chromecast
• Patrol Mode- Set four distinct viewpoints in your living space so when action occurs in one of those areas the camera will automatically rotate to capture activity
• Program your Pan Tilt camera to keep an eye on each region at intervals of your choosing
• Instant Activity Alerts- No need to check your Kasa Spot Pan Tilt throughout the day
• Get automatic alerts when it detects motion or sound
• Take quick action when you see your pet on the couch, a roommate walking through your room, or an intruder enter your front door
• Two-way Audio- Use crisp two-way audio to communicate with nosy roommates, family or even mischievous pets
• Night Vision- Even in the dark, the Kasa Spot Pan Tilt has Night Vision up to 30 feet
• Never miss a thing at night and still get the same high-quality video you are used to
• Crystal Clear Video- Sharp and clear 1080p full-HD provides high-quality video right in the palm of your hand
• Motion Tracking- When motion is detected, the Kasa Spot Pan Tilt will continue tracking the activity until it has stopped even if is out of the cameras normal view
• If your four-legged friend walks into your cameras view, the pan tilt camera will track their motion until they have found a spot to settle down in
• Pan And Tilt- The Kasa Spot Pan Tilt indoor security camera is perfect for wide-open living spaces and can rotate to cover multiple points in your room
• With 360 deg
• Rotational and 118 deg
• Vertical views, the pan tilt camera can monitor every angle of any room
• Protect Every Pixel- All your video streams are protected with industry-standard 128-bit AES encryption with SSL/TLS right from the camera
Benefits: • Certified Small WBE/DBE/SB/WOSB/HUBZone/ACDBE Business since 1985
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