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Security Scanners & Detectors


Progressive Industries, Incorporated is a premier WOSB/EDWOSB/HUBZone/DBE/WBE distributor of security scanners, weapon detectors, chemical detection and handheld x-ray scanners for airports, corporations, institutions, municipalities, hospitals, schools and high-security areas. Our professional staff is uniquely qualified to provide you the latest information on system integration, product specifications and technical assistance. We are dedicated to ensuring your safety.

We provide portable, conveyorized and cabinet x-ray systems, walk-through and handheld metal detectors for security screening and mail screening to schools, institutions, office buildings and airports. We have everything for your security needs—including high throughput, high sensitivity units. We also distribute privacy screens for use at security screening checkpoints and electronic detection devices for inspection of carry-on bags, luggage, purses and backpacks.



Our Successful Projects Include:

  • Mobile X-Ray Units
    City law enforcement
  • Walk Through Metal Detector
    Governmental buildings & offices
  • Conveyors
    State agencies
  • Security Camera Equipment
    Public tranportation agencies


Our Product Distribution Includes:

  • Alarm Device Software
  • Cameras
  • Hand-held Devices
  • Metal Detectors
  • Middle Baggage Systems
  • Mobile Unit Equipment
  • Multi-Energy X-Ray Systems
  • Portable Walk-Thru
  • Vehicle Undercarriage Search
  • Video Recorders

We provide our clients with systems designed for their specific requirements. We strive to distribute products that are consistently ahead of the market, with higher throughput, better crafted reliability and a thorough dedication to service, training and support.

Why the FriskerPRO?

No other metal detector allows you to wear a metal detector and have full use of both hands at the same time.

The FriskerPRO does not have lights that fade or buzzers you can't hear. It operates with pulsating vibrations on the back of the users' hand. Once these pulsations occur, the user has the ability to feel the selected area with his/her unecumbered fingers on the same hand.

Locating Non-Metallic Weapons

The common wand metal detector does not allow the user to locate non-metallic weapons. The FriskerPRO offers the option of locating non-metallic weapons by preserving the sense of touch, allowing the fingers to locate plastic knives or other potentially dangerous objects.


  • Detects a 0.5 inch diameter X 0.05 copper disk at 1 inch distance
  • Detects small wire objects at 0.5 inch distance
  • Detects larger objects (knives, pistols) at 2.5 inches
  • Detects a safety pin or staple concealed in mouth

Detection and Operations

  • Pinpoints exact location of hidden metals
  • Covert, inconspicuous, unobtrusive, small, easy to carry and conceal
  • Splash and salt water resistant
  • One size fits all—male or female; left hand or right.
The FriskerPRO is perfect for your facility. You can save by ordering multiple units at once. Request a quote.


We are proud of our WOSB/EDWOSB/HUBZone/WBE/DBE certifications. As a supplier, we specialize in top-quality performance. Our reputation is second to none.Learn More

Some of Our Brand Name Products Include:

  • Control Screening
  • Garrett
  • Gilardoni
  • Heimann
  • Laurus Systems, Inc.
  • Perkin Elmer
  • Rapiscan
  • Siemens
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Our Certifications

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