Medical and Hospital Equipment & Supplies

Progressive Industries, Incorporated is a leading distributor of thousands of medical products—encompassing medical, surgical, lab and safety supplies and equipment—keeping up with the standards in this fast-paced marketplace. As a direct distributor to some of the nation’s largest GPO's, state of the art research facilities and patient care institutions, PII is able to offer highly competitive prices and flexible financing.

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Progressive Industries, Incorporated was founded over 30 years ago, with one goal in mind - provide quality products and cost containment solutions with the very best in customer service to industries that require more in healthcare - providers, institutions, GPO's, clinics, research facilities - enhancing top quality patient care.  We are a community based, caring corporation.

Our Clients

PII provides products and services to the entire continuum of care, all across the country, including:

  • hospitals & clinics
  • extended care clinics
  • ambulance companies
  • research labs and facilities
  • home care agencies/nursing homes
  • physician offices
  • corporate on-site care facilities
  • veterinary centers
  • dentists
  • spas & out patient care facilities
  • public health services

With over 30 yrs of experience, we attribute our growth to the fact that we’ve followed our mission, vision and performance statement—you are our most important asset.  We strive to incorporate this philosophy in our everyday dealings with vendors, clients and the very important patients that we serve.

Innovative Savings Programs

In response to immense pressures on the health care industry to lower costs, PII has developed some of the most innovative and successful cost-saving solutions in this marketplace. Our long standing relationships with our factories enable us to distribute the highest quality products at very low prices.

PII is financially strong, allowing our company to offer flexible and creative financial solutions that other distributors are unable to offer. These cost management efforts focus primarily on the supply chain area and encompass a range of guaranteed savings programs for GPO’s, hospital contract purchases, programs for nursing homes, national contract programs and even customized distribution programs that require shipping directly to the homes of special needs patients.

PII is a supply-chain solutions company and the one of the nation's leading distributors of name-brand medical and surgical supplies as well as private labeled products. Through our extensive distribution network of top manufacturers from around the world as well as our diverse product offering and expertise in technology, logistics and supply-chain management, PII serves hundreds of acute-care hospital customers as well as nursing homes and home health care facilities nationwide.

Medical Equipment

  • Anesthesia
  • Autoclaves/Sterilizers
  • Beds
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Carts & Gurneys
  • Dental
  • Dialysis
  • ENT
  • Electronics
  • Endo/Laproscopic
  • Gases & Respiratory Products
  • Gloves - Latex & Surgical
  • Hospital Protective Wearables
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Lasers
  • Lights
  • Lithotripsy
  • Manufacturing/Custom Trays
  • Medical Furniture
  • Medical Wheelchairs & Transport Products
  • Neurology/EEG/EMG
  • Nitrogen, Oxygen, CO2 - Bulk or Packaged
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • OBGYN/Neonatal - Tables & Incubators
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Ophthalmic
  • Oxygen/Specialty Gases - Bulk Tanks
  • Patient Monitors/Defibrillators
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Physician’s Office
  • Radiology Systems
  • Radiology Parts
  • Radiology Accessories
  • Respiratory
  • Surgery/ICU
  • Surgical Tables
  • Sphygmomanometers
  • Ultrasound Equipment & Supplies
  • Visual Aids
  • Wearables, Protective Garments, PPE
  • Wheelchairs/Homecare Supplies

Medical Supplies

Ambulatory Products

  • Canes, Crutches, Walkers& Accessories
  • Stretchers & Accessories
  • Portable Treatment Equipment

Bath Safety

  • Bath, Benches,Shower Chairs
  • Bath in a bag
  • Bathtub Rails, Safety Guards
  • Commodes & Accessories
  • Grab Bars, Transfer Benches
  • Toilet Seats
  • Shower and Privacy Curtains

Beds & Accessories

  • Bed Rails, Bed Pads, Chucks
  • Beds, Mattresses, Lifts, Hoists
  • Overbed Tables
  • Pressure Relief Surfaces
  • Sheet/Pillowcases/Matress Covers


  • Catheter Trays, Foley Caths
  • External Latex
  • Touchless, Intermittent

Collection Devices

  • Bedside Drainage
  • Fecal Collection
  • Leg Bags, Urinals/Bedpans
  • Room Deodorizers
  • Urol Tubing/Connectors

Core Wound Care

  • Adhesive Strips, Bandaids, Gauze
  • Rolls Gauze, Pads Gauze, Sponges
  • Dressing Trays
  • Tubular Gauze/Retainers
  • Nonadherent Pads
  • Tape Closures, Tapes/Adherent Wrap

Daily Living Aids

  • Massagers, Batteries
  • Oral Care, Medication Helpers


  • Insulin Products, Meters, Strips
  • Lancets & Lancet Devices

Enteral/Nutrition Feed

  • Feeding Bags/Pump Sets
  • Feeding Pumps, Feeding Tubes
  • Nutritional Supplement

Home Diagnostics

  • Blood Pressure Products
  • Cholesterol Test, Home Diagnostics
  • Scales, Thermometers, Meters
  • Otoscopes/Opthalmoscopes


  • Rings, Vacuum Pumps


  • Adult Prtv Underwear Pull Ups
  • Bed Wetting Devices
  • Briefs, Disposable
  • Child Prtv Underwear Pull Ups
  • Children’s Diapers, Feminine Hygiene
  • Drip Collectors
  • Liners/Pads/Briefs Disposable, Reusable
  • Undergarments, Disposable, Reusable
  • Washclothes

IV Supplies

  • IV Dressings, IV Poles

Lift Chairs/Geri Chairs

  • Geri Chairs, Lift Chairs, Stair Lifts

Lymphedema Pumps & Accessories

  • Lymphedema Garments


  • Back/Abdominal Supports
  • CPM Supplies, Neck/Back Pillows
  • Ergonomics, Exercise Products
  • Neck/Shoulder Supports, Splints
  • Foot/Ankle/Elbow/
    Wrist/Knee/Thigh/Hip Supports


  • 1-Pc Closed, 1-Piece Drainable
  • 1-Pc Urostomy
  • 2-Pc Closed, 2-Piece Drainable
  • 2-Pc Flg/Skin Barrier, 2-Piece Urostomy
  • Cleaners/Deodorants
  • Faceplates, Skin Barriers
  • Irrig Items, Support Products
  • Loop Ostomy, Ostomy Accessories
  • Pastes Powders/Rings

Oxygen/Specialty Gases

  • Oxygen/Spec Gas Cylinders
  • O2 Accessories & Gas Supplies

Pain Management

  • Electrodes, Lead Wires, TENS
  • Hot/Cold Therapy
  • Tape Patches/Gels/Lotions

Patient Lifts

  • Patient Lifts &Replacement Parts
  • Slings, Hoists

Personal Protection

  • Chemotherapy Protective Wear
  • Chemotherapy Waste Systems
  • Safety Gloves, Chemo Gloves
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Latex Gloves, Powder Free or Powde
  • PPE/Personal Protection Clothing
  • Preps/Disinfectants
  • Sharps Disposal
  • Sterile Gloves, Surgical Gloves
  • Vinyl Powdered, Powder Free, Nitrile
  • Waste Bags & Systems

Prof Use & Diagnostics

  • EKG Products
  • Clinical Apparel, Nurses’ Supplies
  • Prof Blood Pressure, Thermometers
  • Prof Otoscopes, Stethoscopes
  • Surgical Instruments


  • Allergy Care, Air Cleaner
  • Compressors/Nebs, Cpap/bipap
  • Concentrators
  • Cylinders Regulators
  • Disp Oxygen Products
  • Peak Flow Meters
  • Respiratory Replacement Parts



  • Seat Cushions, Uplift Seating
  • Wheelchair Cushions, Egg Crate Pad

Skin Care

  • Antimicrobial/Antifungal
  • Barrier Products
  • Creams/Lotions/Powders
  • Diabetic Skin Care
  • Perineal/Skin Cleaners
  • Shampoos, Skin Care Kits
  • Skin Pressure Protection


  • Anti-Embolism Stockings
  • Compression Stockings, Sock

Specialty Wound Care

  • Absorbers, Foam Dressing
  • Alginate, Composite Dressing
  • Collagen/Silicone
  • Compression Bandages
  • Drainage Collectors
  • Hydrocoll Alginate Dressing
  • Hydrogels, Pastes, Powders
  • Odor Absorbent Dressing
  • Sodium Chloride Dressing
  • Transparent Dressing
  • Wound Cleansers

Tracheostomy Care

  • Suction Catheters, Suction Pumps
  • Trach Care/Cleaning, Trach Tubes
  • Trach Humidification, Replacement Parts

Urol Collection Devices

  • Leg Bags, Disposable, Reusable


  • Transport Chairs
  • Wheelchair Accessories, Parts
  • Wheelchair Carryons
  • Wheelchair Ramps
  • Wheelchair Footrests/Legrests

Women’s/Infant Products

  • Breast Pumps
  • Infant Products



The German-engineered LithoGold is the first lithotripter that provides the optimum in shockwave dynamics with the largest focal zone (20 x 101 mm) and the deepest penetration depth (165 mm). The large focal zone surrounds and holds the kidney stone in place maximizing the hit ratio thus increasing fragmentation efficacy. Only focal zones larger than the stone generate a squeezing effect which effectively pulverizes the stone into smaller particles further minimizing unwanted side effects. The maximum pressure of the LithoGold is 36.9 MPa (369 bar). Lower pressure paired with the large focal zone has proven to be less harmful on the human kidney and diminishes injury to the renal tissue which in turn reduces hematomas and renal colic. The deep penetration depth allows for treating extra large patients as well as reducing the incidence of treating patients in the prone position. These characteristics make the LithoGold the safest and most effective lithotripter in the market today.

  • Latest generation electrohdraulic (spark-gap) lithotripter
  • Large focal zone (20 by 101 mm) and kidney friendly peak energy (36.9 MPa or 369 bar)
  • Lightweight, compact design ideal for any size operating room or mobile enviroment.
  • Deep penetration depth (165 mm) reduces the incidence of treating patients in the prone position. Effective in very large patients.
  • Improved stone fragmentation through "squeezing effect."
  • Reported re-treatment rates of less than 7%.
  • Patient table capacity 500 pounds.
  • Smartrode can be replaced in 30 seconds or less.
  • Reduced anesthesia requirements.
  • Easy targeting with wide shockwave path.
We Specialize in Service We look forward to the opportunity to serve you by creating cost effective programs designed with your individual needs in mind. It is our mission and our honor to help people be well.
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We're committed to you. Our three main business units of distribution include supply chain management and comprehensive outsourcing and third party logistics - we focus on continued importance of the value and quality of services.

We work hard on efforts encompassing expansion and differentiation of our portfolio of products and services in response to the changing needs of supply chain partners. We strive toward professional growth of our teammates through a culture that educates and challenges everyone to be the very best in their fields of endeavor and to understand the dynamics of our unique marketplace and important customer base.

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Current and Completed Contracts

  • Lithotrypsy Urology Suites
  • DSCC Custom Pack/Direct Mail/National
  • Radiology Room Build-Out
    Health Clinics
  • MRI Exam Suites
  • Orthotics and Prosthesis (Custom)
    Hospitals and university research labs
  • Oxygen - packaged & bulk
    Hospitals and clinics
  • MRI Equipment
    Health clinics
  • Pacemakers/Angio
    Catheters & Accessories

  • HIV Test Kits