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High Altitude Supplemental Oxygen - HASOS

Progressive Industries is proud to feature our very specialized product of High Altitude Supplemental Oxygen Systems (HASOS) by Summit Oxygen.

We are the exclusive U.S. distributors for the United States Armed Forces. The HASOS units are sold globally to various client groups including Military and Paramilitary units, Helicopter Pilots and Aircrew, and SOCOM, along with Extreme Mountaineers and Skydivers.

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The HASOS System, from Summit Oxygen

There are different types of oxygen systems that we provide for the military. Those systems are tailor made to help in their specific missions and ventures form combat to rescue missions. You can see a faction of the warriors that we provide systems for in the documentary series Inside Combat Rescue.

Our special HASOS high altitude systems have been used for military excursions, as well as recreational mountaineering, ballooning, ski descents, paragliding and in light aircraft. Customers are quickly recognizing our equipment as the most practical, comfortable and cost effective solution in delivering supplementary oxygen.  Our systems can be used in conjunction with our patented Pulse Dose technology giving unprecedented endurance or as a traditional constant flow system.


Our Products

SOFSOS.jpgSpecial Operations Forces Supplementary Oxygen System (SOFSOS)

Our Special Operations Forces Supplementary Oxygen System (SOFSOS) is designed to protect troops from the effects of hypobaric hypoxia when conducting operations at high altitude. The system utilizes our patented Pulse Demand technology with oxygen being delivered by nasal cannula or by facemask.


CSRSOS.jpgCombat Search & Rescue Supplementary Oxygen System (CSRSOS)

Our supplementary oxygen system for use by Combat Search and Rescue Teams is one of a range of products that utilizes our pneumatic Pulse Demand technology. The system detects the negative pressure created when someone inhales and delivers a precisely measured dose of oxygen within the crucial first 0.3 sec. The system also has constant flow settings as an emergency option which can also be utilized to deliver oxygen to casualties. The system is capable of having up to eleven different settings which can all be pulse demand settings, constant flow settings or any combination in between.

HPASOS_Cylinder.jpgHelicopter Pilots & Aircrew Supplementary Oxygen System (HPASOS)

The Oxygen Delivery Unit is one of the key components of the Helicopter Pilot and Aircrew Supplementary Oxygen System (HPASOS). The system has been designed specifically for helicopter pilots and aircrew, giving them protection against the effects of hypobaric hypoxia when flying at altitudes in above 8,000ft.

The Highest Peaks This unique marketplace has taken us around the world to bring quality high altitude solutions to our Warriors, wherever they need us. We never imagined we'd get to explore these vast areas and help assist the teams that need specialized breathing capacity when they are working and/or exploring the highest corners of the world.
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Progressive has had a great honor of providing hundreds of Summit Oxygen's HASOS units to the Air Force and other divisions of the US Military. We appreciate the ability to assist tour troops in providing a life-sustaining product to the warrior that allows them to effectively accomplish their mission at such high altitudes. It has been and still is our pleasure to serve those who here and protect our great nation in areas far and wide. Without you, we would not have this great and free nation. We thank you for your service and we support our Wounded Warriors. God Bless America.

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